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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

X marks the spot.

Oh sometimes I love this interweb place...
On this post Wojtek has left me a link to a map.
A map showing the best pickles in Warsaw.
It's like pirate treasure!! Pickle booty!!
Now, just gotta get a ticket to Poland.
I can almost see those pickles on the satellite version.
Thanks Wojtek.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I am the bicycle-cupcake-king!

These were for the latest Roomers magazine launch. Tal put the R's on them.

The transportation worked a dream except for when I had to get them out and carry them around - then I ended up with pink all over my sleeves!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the guinness book nachos attempt

It's genetic you know. I saw it with my Mum last night at Pesakh and I did it myself for the missus' birthday. We worry about there not being enough food. We wear ourselves out cooking way too much food. We worry about who's going to eat it all. Sometimes we worry it didn't taste good and then we worry about the leftovers going to waste.

But it was fun. Very fun. We made:

  • roasted salsa verde (tomatillos)
  • raw salsa verde (ditto)
  • roasted garlicky tomato salsa (hot!)
  • pico de gallo (fresh tomatoes, radishes, coriander...)

last of the season mango salsa
(so good, I think it was the blanched red onion)

the biggest bowl of guacamole I've ever seen

stupidly large amounts of my best black beans

and everyone piled it onto ridiculous amounts of corn chips and melty cheese.
(queso fresco/mozarella/salamini)

Perfect food for a large bunch and it goes so well with margaritas!

Monday, January 15, 2007

the last of the mini

I forgot to mention the mini fairy bread. How could I have?

It's always amazing how good fluffy white bread can be with some butter and hundreds and thousands. Some might ask why we bother baking cakes at all when we could just do this? Oh and Joni and Tanya did such an amazing mini-job. So small! So neat!

Happy new year to all. A good sweet one I think. And maybe a blog-prolific one thanks to the arrival of this sweet little computer. We'll see.

ps - mini fairy cakes by tal. I swear I'm done with mini now.

Monday, June 20, 2005

come fry with me...

Feeling oily? John Travolta is, and so am I.

"A deep fried party? Who's stupid idea was that?" That's what I was asked on Sunday. Well, I think it was mine. And it rocked.

Yes kids, on Saturday Bindy and I went through with our crazy plan to have a deep fry party. And although it was really nuts, I feel a strange sense of smug self-satisfaction. I fear it says something bad about my life that turning myself and a dozen friends into ill greaseballs is what gives me a sense of achievement.

We made heaps of yummy stuff. We fried. We ate. We drank beer. We clutched our bellies. We groaned. Then we went off and partied like maniacs, with lots of grease to soak up all the liquor. And I woke up feeling awesome on Sunday morning. So who said oil is so bad for you?

Here's the menu:

  • Arancini - lemon risotto rolled around mozarella and then crumbed
  • Crumbed eggplant sticks and mushrooms
  • Beer battered cauliflower and broccoli
  • Battered olives
  • Crumbed camembert
  • Parsnip and sweet potato chips
  • Battered mini-Mars and Bounty bars
  • Battered Tim Tams
  • Pineapple and banana fritters
Oh, it seems like there was more than that. I dunno. There was great aioli, sambal and pickles. Oh yes, we did batter and fry a dill pickle too. Tim Tams didn't really work but the olives were surprisingly good. I was happy with the batter. The arancini were awesome, golden and crunchy, then ricey with gooey centres of mozarella. And I was very impressed with the Japanese "bread" crumbs I used - extra crunchy.

There wasn't as much crazy random deep frying as I thought - you know, people pulling things out of the fridge and battering them. But it was really fun gathering round Bindy's cute 70s deep fryer (strangely called "Cook n' Clean" even though it did no cleaning). Another culinary dream achieved... next stop, bomb alaska?

I just feel bad that Bindy's house smells like a chip shop.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

come fly with me....

Well, it has been a mega crazy weekend. So much fun I feel quite manic... Among many exciting happenings was my first decorated cake experience.

It was Marion's 30th birthday party on Sunday so I offered to make a cake. I was shocked when she said that Andy, her "I can't cook" boyf, claimed to have it "under control."

The next day I had about 5 phone calls from Andy looking for help and advice. He wanted to do a cake that showed Marion in either a sports car or a plane and he was thinking of just buying cakes and icing from Safeway. "Safeway? Nooooo!" I screamed, knowing that Marion would be very unhappy to cut open her cake and find it bland and foamy. So I stupidly offered to make the cakes and help him put it together.

5 cake batters, 4 bowls of icing and hours of gruelling labour later we had a cake that looked a bit like a 5 year old had designed it.

But Marion and the crowd were suitably impressed and at least it tasted delicious. For the fusillage I used 3 lemon cakes and the icing was flavoured with fresh lime juice. The wings are a simple chocolate cake with a thick icing made from real chocolate. Luckily both the cakes were pretty solid and easily carved by Andy, who did do a good job of wielding the knife. And the punters were more than happy to gobble it all up, leaving things looking a little sad.

Making the cake made me realise how the woman in The Hoursfeels when she gets all the crumbs in her icing. I'm sooo not a perfectionist but I was incredibly frustrated by how the icing dripped everywhere, fell off and generally looked a bit wrong. Luckily we served the cake in a dimly lit bar. Still, this decorating business sure is hard work and it gave me a heap more respect for my old housie Nat, aka The Cake Lady (scroll down for a pic), who used to spend weeks putting together her detailed little cake sculptures.

If anyone wants to cake recipes let me know and I'll post them. I mainly chose them because they are really easy to make and quite firm, but they're definitely good stand-by cakes to have in your repertoire.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

a polish russian feast

Oh, I gotta stop stealing these tacky internet images I know... but what's a girl to do?

So the birthday plan is this: I'm going to break out all the infused vodkas I've been making. The cherry one is going to be a winner I know. And there'll be a big long table spread with zakuski, the little appetisers that go so well with vodka. Being vegetarian I'll be skipping the most popular options - caviar and herring, but my love of pickles will overcome that. So far the spread looks like this:

* pickles (cucumber and maybe tomato)
* beetroot salad
* russian potato salad
* carrot salad
* blini - mini pancakes with dill and sour cream
* spicy georgian red beans
* walnut spread
* egg salad
* vegetarian chopped liver
* pickled mushrooms
* cucumber salad
* radishes and other crunchy vegies
* bulgarian fetta

There'll also be chlodnik courtesy of Marion, which is a wonderful cold yoghurty soup with cucumber and beetroot. I'm also considering a few more substantial dishes like cabbage rolls and pierogi, which I'm a bit nervous about - I'm terrible with pastry, but I gotta have dumplings yeah? I'll be doing a trial run this weekend. Wish me luck.