Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Just like NW only better?

Go Fug Yourself is a site just like that bit in New Weekly where they make fun of all stars for wearing bad clothes. With a slogan "Fugly is the new Pretty" what's not to like?

Kinda like the Honey Cake I made the other day as a late Jewish New Year's treat. Spicey, dense and only sticky on the bottom. It was the kind of subtle cake I normally ignore in favour of over the top richness but it went so well at the end of a pigging out picnic. With a cup of tea from the thermos and gum trees to lie under it was all just a little bit lovely really.

Restaurant props for the week: Borscht, Vodka and Tears on Chapel St, Prahran was where my sisters and I decided to bring in the new year. Honey infused vodka shots of course. And food kind of like mum used to feed us only fancier. The pickle soup is such a winner and the pierogi (like a Polish ravioli) were delish. Although I don't think everything's quite as tasty as it was when they first opened they still have my vote - where else can you sample a vodka list of 80+ types, eat Blintzes and avoid the wankers who flock to vodka bar type places.

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