Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Taco's galore

One thing I love about the blog world is that there's always people more obsessive than me. It's reassuring and it's inspiring. Over at Becks & Posh (cockney for "nosh") there's a great photo spread of the The Halloween Mission Taco Crawl 2004 which reminds me of everything I love about being a touch crazy about food. People in great outfits running around eating lots of mexican - what's not to like?

Speaking of Mexican, I'm relieved to say that Melbourne finally has another place that actually makes real (soft) tacos and other proper Mexican food. Los Amates is at 34 Johnston St, Fitzroy - just opposite Casa Iberica, my favourite Latin foods store.

Shane, Sammy and I tried Los Amates a couple of weeks ago and were pretty impressed. There was a slight ordering mishap - when we discovered a bit of ham on our vegetarian platter - but the chef himself came to make it all okay. The food itself was great and reassuringly free of mounds of melted cheese. I'll need to go back again to really suss out the different options because the menu is pretty long and we were a bit too drunk to be discerning. I remember some great sopas - little flat tortillas with a topping of salsa verde. And good fresh red salsas too, although disappointingly mild.

The prices are Fitzroy-ish but you can't blame them when all the dodgy Mexican restaurants charge more. And the menu has a really cute note - "if you like it, tell all your friends because we really need to send some cash to our relatives in jail in Columbia." How can you resist that?


Sam said...

Hey you blogged me!
I am honoured!
I have to tell you - some of the best food I ever had was in Sydney about 3 years ago.
I can't tell you how it felt, after my first year in the US, to arrive in Oz and find food just like back home (English breakfast sydney style) but done MUCH MUCH better. Umm - also kangaroo carpaccio, King Island cream, real bacon, great sushi. Oz food rocks. I'd choose it over tacos any day, but evenso the Taco crawl was huge drunken fun!

esther said...

Yeah we do have some damn fine food. Especially where "good" food is concerned.

It's the "trash" I miss in the US - donuts, pizza slices, vegie hot dogs... And I am a Mexican freak, something which cannot really be satisfied here.

Also jealous of all foodie culture - I wanna go to chowhounds picnics!

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Anonymous said...

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