Monday, March 21, 2005

yum cha cha

Well folks, your intrepid correspondent has done the hard work for you. Yes, on Sunday I trekked out to Box Hill to investigate reports of Vegetarian Yum Cha. Luckily Sammy, Nell, Sarah and John came along to assist with the eating.

The venue - a place known only as Asian Vegetarian Restaurant (606 Station St). The menu is a short but delicious list of dumplings, buns, dim sum and other delicacies. You have to tick which ones you would like and they're delivered to your table.

The groups' favourites were the crystal spinach dumplings (great spinach flavour) and the fake BBQ Pork Buns (an intensely confusing mix of salty and sweet). I also loved the Radish Cake, Taro dumplings (fried lacy taro wrapped around a mix of vegies) and a strange spongy cake known as Steamed Egg Cake.

Oh how we feasted. It's not quite as fine an affair as the Purple Lotus (15 Goulburn St, Haymarket, Sydney), I missed the rice noodle rolls and the crispy tofu rolls. But definitely worth the trip to Box Hill - which is afterall, closer than Sydney.

ps - I have a new web stats tracker and it says that a lot of you folks are visiting this here humble blog. so please, leave a comment and make me as happy as if i was stuffing my face with Sammy's chestnut cake.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I came across your blog through the LJ community zine_scene. I think you're really wonderful (of course, I'm basing this entirely on reading through your blog - a bit shallow, no?). You've made me want some apple streusel ^_^

~teenyaileeny at gmail dot com
(also cheshirequeen on lj)

Sandy said...

You know I'm here but Hi anyway.

esther said...

well Hi mr sandypants,
good to see ya.

Anonymous said...

yo esther,

The thought of good vegie yumcha in melbourne makes me drool like a snail...

have you been to Green Gourmet in King St Newtown in Sydders? Monks' Hot Pot to die for. Whenever cheap flights to sydney are on offer, the hotpot parks itself on my tongue with a sense memory that's hard to shake.

Went to a good fake meat place the other day - less "toilet block" ambience than White Lotus, v. yummy, and in part of town that's starved of other such venues - just behind southbank.

Enlightened Cuisine Vegetarian Restaurant
113 Queensbridge Street, Southbank VIC 3006
-it has its own website where you can drool over menu.

found your bloggie via new zine which adam picked up yesterday from sticky. good to have another esther zine, still reading it.



esther said...

hi anna,
yes, i've been to greengourmet.. although only for vegan fried icecream (with mr sandy of all people)... my favourite sydney yum cha's have been at purple lotus or bodhi...
anyway, box hill is not so far to go.

yes, i've been to enlightenment too.. pretty yummy as i recall. and definitely preferable decor to white lotus. so maybe we should just encourage them to do yum cha?

hope you and adam are well...