Saturday, May 21, 2005

drooling and mashing

Well I've been spending far too much time cruising the innahnet looking at other people's blogs. It's enough to make you drool. Of course I don't have any sensible way of keeping track of them all - I just jump around and then forget where the good ones are. But here's a little roundup. I won't be adding all these to my links - no offense it's just there's so many better collections of food links out there. And discovering is half the fun.

With its reviews of cheapo dumpling joints and chinese bakery good Grab Your Fork is right up my dark alley. If only it was Melbourne based instead of Sydney.

You'll notice I've been referencing Niki lately. Since the treacle stout cake I feel I owe her bigtime because that is one recipe that will stick with me.

Neiko's blog Nordljus is insanely pornographic - you have to see these food photos to believe 'em. Some of the recipes are a bit too fancy for me to ever try but I'm going to make the brown bread icecream tomorrow I think.

What I Cooked Last Night is a fellow Melbournian. And gave props to Scheherezade, my favourite old school restaurant. So they get a return visit.

And lastly, I love the writing at Pie Queen. The post on Red Velvet cake, Dorothy Allison and trash cakes was great. I wanna get to know this queen.

And now for a great picture:

It's no wonder my housemates were worried there's an alien in the house. But don't freak out - it's just celeriac. I think I'm gonna get off this computer now and go cook this little baby up. Probably the same way I made it last weekend - boiled with potatoes and a some whole garlics. Mashed with soy milk, butter, mustard and lots of salt. You know this cold weather sure is making me cook. If you're good soon I'll post my killer chickpea dish which I made again last night.


Niki said...

Hey thanks! Guess what...I made your chocolate Guinness cake last night :-). I haven't tasted it yet, as I made two small cakes. One's in the freezer and one's currently with my bf who's eating it with his mate while watching Dr Who. I can only report on what the raw batter tasted like, which was BLOODY AWESOME; you could really taste the Guinness coming through. A definite keeper for me. Thanks for the recipe!

esther said...

hey Niki,
glad to hear you made the cake. You sure are a good gf.. letting the bf eat it before you've even tried it.

Hope the baked version tasted as good as the raw batter.

kitchen hand said...

Thanks for the mention, Esther.

Az said...

hey esther!

what else can you do with celeriac? owing to a nursery mistake, we wond up with a big punnet of celeriac seedlings instead of parsley, and now we've got about 12 glossy, very large celeriacs growing in the garden. mash em, roast em, fry em like potatoes, celeriac soup, uh, um, etc. any ideas?

esther said...

oh Az i like the image of all the little celeriacs growing up.. only to find out their not parsleys as they'd expected to be..

um. well mashed celeriac is really good but I guess yr right, you can't eat it forever. i dunno about roasted... soup would be good. my mum used to make an awesome bake with celeriac and cider but I can't find a recipe...The rostis here look pretty good.

or just dress them up and take photos of them as evil aliens? i know yr good at those photo shoot things.

Pie Queen said...

hello there Esther--Stephanie the Pie Queen here. So glad you enjoyed the Red Velvet post! Looking forward to reading (and cooking) through your site--anyone with a good chocolate-guinness cake recipe is a friend of mine! as for celeriac, the classic recipe is celeri remoulade--julienned celeriac mixed with a very mustardy mayonnaise and capers. Probably any french cookbook would have a recipe--it's a v. typical bistro dish. Good luck taking care of the little alien heads....

esther said...

mmm remoulade sounds good. my dad used to have a salad he was very proud of which was just shredded celeriac with mayonaise and mustard so I guess it was a simple version of that.

thanks for dropping by pie queen.