Tuesday, January 24, 2006

and on my right...

I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce the newest name on my links list - the chocolate lady over at In Mol Araan. I first read some of her work on a Passover survival guide my mum emailed me a few years back. Sure, Nell and I laughed at the idea of grilling matzah balls but you know, her soup recipe sure saved me some pain. That's why the chocolate lady says:
kikts in mol araan es zol zikh mertshem in gantsn oysvepn enker zup-bahole!

Or in English:
Come to In Mol Araan and watch your soup-angst evaporate!

Food and yiddish. And cute pictures. What more do you need already? More? Well she has a lovely way with words. In the current post she describes bleeding heart radishes as possessing a stormy pinkness. Ahhh, now that's the kind of wordsmithing to soothe my soul.

In other random internet news I found something actually interesting in one of the spammy comments I used to get. Apparently kimchi can cure bird flu:

"Quoting the team's test results, BBC said of the 13 chickens stricken with the influenza, 11 had shown telling curative effects after being administered kimchi extracts."

Now is that why Adam has those vats of cabbage fermenting? He is a bit of a survivalist.


gaylourdes said...

stormy pinkness! this makes me think of stormy delavery (sp?) that old american drag king in the '30s. wow, so much blog action! today's food story comes from work, where we had a bbq for australia day, sausages, falafels and lamingtons. oh, and potato salad. mmm, whitebread! you know, i know that there are lots of arguments about what makes a good lamington, but i think lamingtons are great when one puts cream in the middle. oh, i wish i had the time and inclination to make lamingtons in the shapes of little lambs, i fear it'd never work, their little tails and legs would fall off in the chocolate icing. maybe i could smother iced vovos in more marshmallow icing and coconut and balance them on pipecleaners, but i guess they'd be more sheepish rather than lambish...

esther said...

thought you'd like stormy pinkness. however i'm afraid i have to disagree loudly and with much gesticulation about the cream in lamingtons... a good moist lamington needs no cream. especially seeing it's always icky fake stuff. sheepish lamos sound brilliant, if fraught with chocolate dipping issues. it's be sheep dip though!

gaylourdes said...

nope nope nope. as if i'd be advocating fake cream anyway?! have a little faith! fresh whipped cream between two halves of a lamington is the perfect foil to the richness of the dark chocolate icing, and the spongy cake texture. it's like the icing on the cake, only lamingtons already have icing, so they really appreciate the additional cream.
but sheep dip is funny. maybe it would be better to serve naked (shorn?) lamington squares on little toothpicks with chocolate sheepdip and coconut? lamington fondue anyone?

esther said...

lamington fondue! it's brilliant.. deconstructed diy lamingtons. you could have a food night where everything was strange puns: sheep dip or umm.. oh i dunno, i'll get back to you.
i think also i don't like the cream in lamos because i like my lamingtons real little so the chocolate to sponge ratio is higher. i guess it could be like a great cream cake but i've never ever experienced a good cream lamington.