Wednesday, February 01, 2006

and more friends

a little plug for foodgoat who has been having the most brilliant photo posts recently. this excellent knifeblock for one.
darth vader out of butter. for two.
cakes that look like butter. for three.
and then there's an evil satanic child with peas.
go. go see...


Anonymous said...

have you seen this knife block? can't work out if it's too macabre or totally jammin. can it be both??,intCategoryID,34,intItemID,1447.html

i saw it in a shop in the valley and fell in love (no i lie, not love, more like consumer-lust). pity it's like 200 bucks or something. but hey, apparently that includes the knives.

xx liz from bris.

esther said...

oh i think it can be both... it's not as macabre as the head one anyway... the red makes it so cutely gruesome. i'm in consumer lust too now.. damnit.