Friday, February 17, 2006

good things

1. Fried haloumi served with apple sorbet.
At the greek place diagonally opposite Stalactites. We had to order this dish twice and it made Dan so ecstatic he couldn't pronounce orgasmic.

2. Sandy made his first cake!
First I got a text message asking if the Passionfruit Sponge was a bit hard for a first time baker. I felt mean but I had to say yes, it took me forever to get that cake right. Next day I got a text asking me what it means to cream butter and sugar and it made me nervous but he did me so so so proud making the Prune and Whisky cake. And the next day he said "this baking thing rocks! everybody loved it." Oh yes folks we have another convert.

Oh yeah, and my sister had a baby!!!! I'm still so vagued out i can't even tell you how awesome that is.


cin said...

Congratulations on becoming an aunt!

So is the Greek place good? It looks so attractive when they have the doors completely open.

esther said...

Some things about the greek place (argh, why don't i know it's name) where great - the haloumi/sorbet combo obviously, and the fried grapes they served with the dolmades. My carnivorous friends also loved the octopus. And there were very cute napkins, mismatched plates and waiters. But some of the dishes - like 3 pods of okra on a plate - just couldn't justify the $6 per plate mezethes. Maybe better for snacks rather than dinner?

the chocolate lady said...


Niki said...

Ha - would you believe I just checked in to look up the syrup recipe for the prune & whisky cake, and you had a link on this very post. I made it to take somewhere tonight. Haven't tasted it yet, buts smells great.

hell said...

this sounds good, i'm going. haloumi & sorbet. aaaaar

i'm also going to try these brownies as i have nephews to send love to too. i often send fudge, travels & keeps pretty well.