Tuesday, June 27, 2006

my mama said

My mum often says that it's not a good idea to get your hopes up - then you might get disappointed. And if all doesn't go terribly wrong, well you'll be pleasantly surprised. People tell me this is not a good way to approach life but more and more lately I think she be onto something.

Recent examples:

  1. Stick It - now, if I hadn't been expecting this to be the best film of the last 5 years would I have felt its hopelessness so deeply? Gutted.
  2. Kimchi and Bab - Lish has been talking up this Korean for at least a month, without even trying it. I dropped in there for lunch today and found the Bibim Bap quite average. And only 2 side dishes served with it. Sad.
  3. Last night. Cafe Romantica. Pizza. Beer. And then that stupid stupid penalty. Still, weirdly because I had been expecting the roos to get thrashed I felt ok about it. Is it really lame to just be happy with how well they played up until then?
Meanwhile some internet treats:
I know people have told me that Go Fug Yourself is not as amusing as I find it. But their touching tribute to Aaron Spelling via ugly fashion is too good. So if you were a Brenda and Brandon fan check out the 90210 fug legacy for some excellent package action from Bran or the Brenda special for a superb look at menswear gone femmey 80s style.

Tal made these cookies and had them couriered down to Romantica to sustain the fans. So good. Buttery and orangey. I am still confused that this jen-jen with a cooking blog is not the jen-jen.

Dear dear sandy is going off - not only did he post an excellent looking recipe for jackfruit curry but now he's becoming a mp3 blogger. I'm going to head up to Sydney on the weekend and try and have exciting enough conversations with him that I end up on the blog. Although he mostly blogs about annoying conversations. Hmm....

And some text message poetry from Sam who couldn't get out of bed to come to vegan yum cha because she was too hungover:

Cant deal bad equals cant leave bed for puke

(Actually John had to write it because Sam was too sick to text.)


shannon said...

oh esther, i feel like you had this with the jump street too...

i get it though, i think your mum was on to it. it's like when you think you are going to get a shag, and then you don't get a shag = worst thing ever!

or when you want a smoke and there's only the dregs... even worse?

ok, maybe not even worse.

Anonymous said...

i was also confused and bemused by the jenjen phenomenon... but 'the' jenjen wouldn't have made spelling mistakes in her comment (sorry 'other' jenjen)... 'the' jenjen has got the domain name, i think that counts as winning...

Anonymous said...

So what is it with this proliferation of jenjens?

And so who exactly is "the" jenjen and who is the "other" jenjen?

esther said...

well little anonymous.. i don't think you got no right to be asking who's who... But 'the' jen jen is the one who i've actually met. who writes excellent astrology and other business at jenjen.com.au.