Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Anyone want to help me plan a mass exodus to the tropics? We'll survive peak oil heaps easier and we can live off ice cream bean (pictured above) and wax jambu. The white stuff is meant to taste like vanilla ice cream. I don't care if that's one of those weird not-right descriptions like chocolate pudding fruit cos I bet it still tastes hell good. Ready?


hoodup said...

dear Esther, I think that's a good idea. I really genuinely do want to leave everything behind right now. i want to withdraw from my hellish law subjects that i'm failing anyway. I don't even want to take a bundle of books. i just want to garden and go swimming in a creek. land up there aint so expensive is it?

hmm. but maybe i should finish this dumb degree and work in native title up there. that could work right!? when did i become a wannabe abstentionist recluse?

shannon said...

neither of youse are going nowhere! i said i am staying you are fucking staying i said so so there!

nell said...

help plan? ha! i fucking own moving to the tropics. i am the boss of moving to the tropics. i practically invented moving to the tropics back in the day and now all you lesbians want to jump on my bandwagon. well climb aboard, sapphic jambu-lovers, coz the nell ship is a-sailin'.

(wait. is brisbane actually in the tropics? they have funny trees and hibiscus flowers and it's sweaty... does that count? oh well maybe you guys can drop by on your way to the tropics and we'll sip on some papaya milk with tapioca pearls and have a chat.)

if anybody wants me in the next four weeks, i will be teaching esl at banyo high. don't wait up, etc.

hope you're doing well spunk i miss/love ya guts.


ps tallace you can do it! the world needs lawyers who aren't evil. you've got the not-evil down, that's the hard bit, now all you gotta knock over is the law bit. easy!

esther said...

we can all work this thing out together no?

tal - yes you can work in native title up there. or somesuch useful thing. there will be no abstentionism because we'll move everyone up there so there'll be heaps of work to do. and swimming. and gardening.

shannon - no panicking. we go, you go. it's simple. we better learn to hold onto the footy with all that sweat.

nell - you do not own moving to the tropics sucker cos brisbane is sub-tropics. i mean, i reckon mango trees=tropics, but apparently it's more to do with lines on a map. but us sapphic jambu lovers will pick you up along the way and whisk you away just in time to escape armageddon. or something. banyo? come back soon. i miss yr fucking guts.