Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So yeah, me and tal made kimchi. Using the method here. It was even better than my last batch. Crunchy and delicious.
Words are not my friend right now so expect pictures. Maybe recipes can be my friend still.
In other news, I joined myspace. Oh god. Maybe that's why I feel like such a loser now.


shannon said...

bro, you are like the furtherest thing from a loser. would i have a loser brother?

can we have a group outing to the indian for sunday brunch one time? i don't know what i mean by 'group' - at least you and me, sam if she thinks she can run with us. tal, if she's not studying. you know, a group. more than one? more than two?

i'm not sure what's going on with my brain today. in other news, you never comment on my blog anymore.

ps - i man love you.

hoodup said...

dear esti, thank you so much for formenting the ferment with me. i have been eating it all day. do you think fermented cabbage is brain food? what about pistachio nuts? and boysenberry icecream?

Stephanie said...

Wow! Home fermentation! How cool. I love kimchee but figured I'd have to be a Korean grandma to make it. Much inspiration here!
And my girlfriend convinced me to get on Myspace too--now I'm, like, the oldest person there. She's on there with all her 20-year-old soldier buddies...and I'm there in my aprons.