Tuesday, December 05, 2006

mini is like so hot right now

Look, I'm not proud of the OC watching habit that me and Sammy developed this year. I've tried quitting a couple of times but somehow it lures me back. And I know it's bad for me, bad bad bad but sometimes you learn really important things. In season 2 we learnt about the "group hang" - this is a great thing where you all go out on the town as friends and then end up hooking up with your friend's quasi date. Last week, in Season 3 we learnt from Summer that as far as food for kick-off carnival is concerned "mini is so hot right now."

So that's it. It's decided. My birthday kiddie pool* carnival and suit launch is going to have mini food. Mini food! So far I'm thinking mini burgers, mini bagels and mini lebanese pies from Tabet's. Any other suggestions? I'm thinking we need something less bready and things that don't need preparation once I've had too many cocktails in the kiddie pool would be great.

*Is it just me who thinks kiddie porn whenever I say kiddie pool?


Anonymous said...

i want these!

and yes, it is just you.


Anonymous said...

i've always wanted an excuse to buy the mini rice paper to make mini rice paper rolls... its starchy... but not bready.... and would be damn fiddly, but so darn cute.
i vaguely recall vincents having mini vegie sausages, but maybe this is just wishful thinking.
ooh, cute mini nori rolls... so cute.... and so extra fiddly to make.
you should extend the theme, mini food - maxi cocktails. and serve cocktails in mini buckets with straws or somthin...rant ended.

esther said...

nell those mini things are the coolest ever! and also would probably induce total brain malfunction and major crankiness if i even thought about attempting. i'm talking mini.. not nano.

and yes mister anonymous i reckon mini rice papers would rock. and mini buckets! where i get them? those iddy biddy bins would be ideal i think...