Sunday, January 21, 2007

some gingers ain't too bad.

Baking again!

Yes I'm back with the flour and the sifting thanks to this recipe for Gingerbread to Warm Your Heart. And thanks to the ever inspiring piequeen for making me wanna get straight back into the kitchen even when it's way to hot for any bit of me to need warming.

This is gonna make the best gingerbread icecream.

The texture is just how I want gingerbread to be - cakey sticky and soft.

Ps - If you use chinese ginger powder from Minh Phat it will taste slightly Asian. I'm not sure this is to be recommended.


joni said...

gingerbread icecream - totally awesome!

shannon said...

dearest esther,
what is to taste 'slightly asian?'
is it like how on 21 jump street there is the miscellaneous asian actor?
love and chest infections,

esther said...

joni - yes! i mushed it into vanilla ice cream and it is like a totally superior version of cookies and cream. now i'm wondering whether to try an icecream sandwich version.

dear shannon,
A good question. I think slightly Asian is the taste of strange fusion. of course the gingerbread does not taste distinctly of a specific Asian cuisine but is reminiscent of many many tastes (Vietnamese, Thai, Indian?) from across Asia where this very piquant type of ginger may be used. I think it's less a case of divorcing people from their specific cultural identities, a la Jump Street and more a case of what is general to the cuisines of many many places... because of course tastes are not confined by borders.
maybe you need some ginger for your chest?

xx e