Friday, July 27, 2007


Ok, I'm back. I'd say it's because my Mum hassled me so much about not posting just to give her the satisfaction but I think also that having some time away from the computer was good good good for me and my enthusiasm. And yes, I've been experimenting with myspack and tumblr but the chocolate lady reminded me that I miss this little nook here.

So, a green winter dinner because I'm quite into herbs and health right now.

It started with weeding the abandoned plots at work. That turned up this bag full of nettles and cleavers.

I've cooked nettles once or twice before but this time I decided I wanted them barely cooked to preserve the Iron, Vitamins, Calcium and generally all their goodness. I've also been looking to include more raw garlic in my diet as I've been fighting off a few infections so I hit on the idea of nettle pesto. I used to be so anti-this kind of fusion but you know, I've gotten a bit more relaxed as I've grown up.

So I wilted my nettles in just a bit of water, blended them with sunflower seeds, garlic and a little parmesan infused olive oil. The taste was still a little wack so I added a good handful of parsley from the backyard. Yum. The sauce was the craziest bright green ever. It went really well with some of the salad leaves that have been thriving on our recent rains and a cauliflower cheese made from this backyard baby:

The rest of the nettles are slowly turning into tincture, with the aid of some vodka. As are the cleavers so we'll see how my first medicine making experiment goes. Meanwhile I've been drinking the leftover nettle pot liquor and despite its terrifying colour I must say I really feel full of beans.

Oh and just in case you worry I've turned into a complete health freak don't worry... I'm currently baking this crazy Nutella cake. And cursing my oven. But that's another story....

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Susan G said...

so glad I found you. your slide show is hypnotic; I was really glad when those eggplants showed up again to break the spell.