Wednesday, September 19, 2007

green soup

So spring is getting on with it. The first tomato seeds have sprouted and stuck their necks outta the soil. The blossom is already falling and the broccoli is trying to turn into flowers the second you turn your back on it.

So I decided to pull up my patch of broccoli raab (aka cime di rapa). It was my first time growing it and I'd say it was a big success. Except I didn't know how quickly I had to eat it so now what's left has gotten quite tough as it turns into bright yellow flowers.

So, in our new friend Mr Red Pot we have - green soup. Should you find yourself wondering what to do with all your going to seed brassicas you might like to try it.

Fry some chopped almonds.
Add some garlic.
Fill the pot with chopped up broccoli and cime di rapa.
Cover with water or stock.
Boil for quite a while.

It wasn't bad at all. The almonds add a good creaminess. The only problem was all the long fibres. I reckon a food processor woulda helped - I used the stick blender and that was quite ineffectual. Or maybe strain it somehow?


joni said...

two posts in the one day...!!

Ali H said...

Hi Esther- your green soup looks appetising, but not quite as appetising as cupcakes. It's a shame you can't grow cupcakes in the garden.

I was wondering where you get your seeds for your vege garden from. I have yet to run into seed packets for broccoli raab, for instance, in any of my wanderings. Do you order them off the net, swap with friends, or have a particular shop?
Thanks from an aspiring garden-nerd,

esther said...

hi ali,
it's true it's not as photogenic as cupcakes. poor little ugly soup. i just wanted to write pour little, which i now realise would be quite the liz-like pun.

anyway, as far as seeds... i read seed catalogues like porn. and it's porn season for gardeners. i am a fan or green harvest but there are others... good nurseries should at least stock eden seeds. unfortunately most of their seeds aren't organic but they do have a good range of heritage varieties.
my broccoli raab seeds however came from the local middle eastern food store. they're from the italian range of seeds that is available in a few of the delis around here and i'm sure in italian/greek burbs up your way too.
but yay for seed swapping too.. it is rad.
and yay for more garden knowledge and inspiration sharing... xxx