Friday, September 28, 2007

the raging cupcake controversy

From our friends at the NYTimes (via dad) comes this quite banal article about an obesity vs cupcakes article. It has excellent pull quote potential though.

Cupcake is a term of endearment, but it can also be a rather mean-spirited word. “Cupcake teams” in sports are said to be soft and easily crushed. As food, though, cupcakes are democratic; everyone gets one. And they are libertarian; individual and independent compared with communal cakes, which may not have enough slices for everyone.
Yay for the libertarian bakers front. Boo for the anti-communal bakers front. Also get this for a closing paragraph:
After a long debate thread, another blogger wrote, “You people need to go back to the suburbs ... Seriously, bunch of grown up New York City residents obsessing over a cupcake shop. I miss the gunfire and crackheads.”
Go here for the full article. And note the wonderfulness of the Times that you can double click any word and it'll give you a definition in a pop up box.
crack·head (krăk'hĕd') pronunciation
n. Slang. A heavy user of crack cocaine.
Though in reference to chocolate guinness cupcakes it gives you:
Guin·ness (gĭn'ĭs) pronunciation, Sir Alec 1914–2000.British actor known for his extraordinary range of roles. His films include The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), for which he won an Academy Award.


jenjen said...

the invisible hand wears an oven mitt! the trouble is, there *aren't* enough cupcakes to go round, because they're being hogged by the folks who own the oven. this is why we need to throw pies in their faces.

give us a bake-off instead of an election!

i like your newfangled template btw. the green quotes are a little hard to read but so is everything at 4:15 on a friday.

Intrepidexpat said...

Hey Esther, thanks for yet more blog encouragement. Yours is looking very snazz - didn't know you could get photos in the title. I think I should try and get more readers but I feel safe and happy knowing I've only told a couple of people about it, none of whom are interested apart from you. Maybe I'll list it on my facebook... I'll try and get some Polish soup recipes off my Polish friend before I leave that we can cook when I get back. It might not be that hot in December.