Thursday, October 25, 2007


Melbourne now has it's own food Wiki. Including this nascent dumpling guide.

Is this a good thing? Time will tell. But please, remind me - more cooking, less reading restaurant reviews!


mutemonkey said...

Stickyfingers wrote some interesting comments on food wikis when I blogged about foodCult a few weeks ago. I dunno whether it'll really take off and I share stickyfingers' reservations, but I think it's a good way for people (particularly newbies who may not have the time/energy to devote to running a blog) to voice their opinions online. My first foray into online food writing was posting reviews on mcity.

And don't be too harsh on those of us that mainly focus on restaurant reviews! Sadly I'm rather crap in the kitchen and tend to get home so late from work that I generally only manage to whip up a rather mundane stir-fry or pasta. But I will try to post about something home-cooked soon! :)

esther said...

yeah it's true.. i hadn't thought about the issue of trustworthiness... I'd much rather hear what a blogger says about somewhere than a random comment.

And no - no harshness meant - i really appreciate the reviews. That's just me trying to remind myself to waste less time on the internet and money eating out..

mutemonkey said...

No worries, and I know what you mean about spending too much money eating out! :)