Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Shopping Lists

Well, I've collected a few. I know the infamous zine queen Vanessa Berry used to collect them. But of course someone has taken it to a whole new level. At grocerylists.org there are 500 scanned shopping lists. I love it.

The problem with trying to be less slack at work means I'm more slack at updating this site. I wanted to post about the Rhubarb Cake I made on Friday, a recipe for the brilliant Mexican Garlic Soup shane's been making, and the yummy mini-filo cigars I took to dinner on Sunday. Oh and I really need to post on the Passionfruit Sponge I made yesterday - trying to be a good assimilated Australian was really very stressful. So hold on.. I'll be back to tell you about them. And tonight's pizza making party - I'm going to try Marion's suggestion of Italian marinated turnip tops (Creme de Rapa?) and Tallegio. Mmmmm.

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