Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Too full?

Well it's been an epic weekend for eating. Visiting with Sarah's parents in scenic Tasmania where we were spoilt to the point of pain. You don't see me saying no to cake very often but this was a different case. Sarah's Mum had clearly been preparing for days. Here's my highlights:

  • Lemon and Coconut Tart - this flat little tart greeted us when we staggered in from the plane. It didn't look to flash but it was zesty and the coconut gave it great texture.
  • Homemade Dolmades - I found these when I was guiltily riffling through the fridge. Sweet and lemony with lots of pine nuts.
  • Lasagne - I forgot how good mushrooms are in lasagne - big chunky juicy bits.
  • Cauliflower Italienne - it didn't seem that Italian, more classic skip cooking but I loved it. Cauliflower with onions, tomatoes and lots of olives (the Italian bit) smothered in bechamel and baked. Yes it sure was a cheese-fest.
  • Ginger and Lime Creme Caramels - these were a standout winner - so smooth and creamy. Very gentle flavours infused into the milk. Served with home bottled cherries!
  • Orange and Poppyseed Cake - there's good poppyseed cake and there's not. This was good - soft and zesty. Runny cream splashed on made it soft and puddingy.
  • Artichokes - I picked these myself from the garden outside. Big purple spiky ones that came up so well just boiled and dipped into garlic butter. How perfect is a vegetable that gets better as you work your way through from the outer leaves to the tender ones to that little heart inside?
Phewww - lucky we had all that fresh sea air to help build up an appetite. I was seriously worried about my digestion for a while there. Not that we didn't run to Bismi as soon as we got back (848 Sydney Rd, Brunswick). And I've decided the stuffed Roti (with Chickpea and Potato curry inside) is my new favourite. Make sure to order the raita - it's full of radish and onion and the best I've ever had in a restaurant. And yes, I introduced Sarah to the Roti Bom - the shortest way to make yourself completely munted ever! Viva condensed milk.

And also - me and Nell once tried to list all the types of dumplings we knew. We tried to cook a lot of them too. If you're a dumpling fiend too you might appreciate this list over at Seattle Bon Vivant. There's also a recipe for a goats cheese dumpling served with Pistachios and Honey that looks awesome. Although Nell and me did argue about whether you can bake a dumpling. Ahh classifying things, how I do love it.

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    Anonymous said...

    hi it's nell

    i am very happy for you with the good food and all but that doesn't mean i can stop being anal spelling nazi vis-a-vis the lemon coconut tart. *didn't look too flash. too. with two o's. thank you, now i will go and write a stern letter to the paper about how schoolkids' bags on trams are annoying then maybe lodge some noise complaints with my local council because that is the sort of pedantic fuckwit into which poor spelling transforms me.

    love ya guts dudester