Wednesday, November 10, 2004

broadly speaking

Well, it's spring and that means broad beans. The garden is full of these little lovelies and because I'm growing them I can pick them however I want.

Tiny ones are lovely just boiled for a second and dressed with butter and lemon.

The medium ones made great pasta the other day. I used the little ones that are gnocchi shaped and just threw the beans and some asparagus pieces in a couple of minutes before the pasta was done. Drain and stir through plenty of salt and pepper, oil and lots of fetta chunks. Oh yeah!

And for the big fat beans? Well broad bean dip is pretty hard to go past. Eve dropped some around the other day - lovely and garlicky. I'm pretty sure it's just beans, lemon juice, olive oil and masses of garlic.

The hardest thing is resisting picking the pods too early - they look so big but it's all padding and the beans are still tiny inside.

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