Wednesday, November 10, 2004

a proper tea party

why do anarchists drink herbal tea?
because proper tea is theft.

( say it outloud)

Well Sunday's afternoon tea was awesome - most of my favourite people gathered together and completely off their faces on sugar!

The passionfruit sponge was my best yet I think. And Sarah made some great lamington’s – I’ll post that recipe here soon. As well as the food we made (see the other post) we had:

  • Lemon meringue pie by Jessie

  • The most delicious rum balls ever by Gab

  • Mini-apple pies by Texta

  • Mushroom and Jarlsberg quiche by Ruth

  • Asparagus and peas by Eve

  • Curried egg sandwiches by Em5000

Yeah it was a damn huge feast. I could barely even fit a scone in. And there was only one dish brought that didn’t fit out theme – a mediterranean plate of toasted pita, eggplant, peppers and rocket – quite delicious really but not very “proper”.

Lucky there was only one aberration – my control freak side had been worrying a lot about how to get everything to fit. What do other people do about this? Cook it all yourself I guess. We had allocated dishes to most people but you can never tell who’s going to rock along.

It was all great though, and the effect of too much tea and too much sugar was wonderful to behold. Costumes were great too – lots of cutesy aprons and old-school dresses. Wish I had a digital camera so I could show you - but damn I love my friends. And my girl. At 3pm, as we madly buttered bread for cucumber sandwiches, dipped lamingtons and made little pea tartlets we looked at each other and thought "who else would be crazy enough to do this?"

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