Thursday, December 09, 2004

on latkes and donuts

I love my mum. Not just for everything she taught me about eating (and cooking), but for the cute clippings and links she sends me. Today, in the spirit of Channukah - we have the thrilling article Latke vs Hamentash: A Materialist-Feminist Analysis. [Latke are the grated potato pancakes eaten at Channukah, Hamentashen are small pastries eaten at the festival of Purim]

Check this choice quote:

The material conditions of latke production are stressed in the best-known analysis of the latke as a factor in the oppression of women, Emma Goldman's famous "blood of our foremothers" speech (with which I assume many of you are familiar). In it, she asked, "How much of the very blood of our foremothers' knuckles have we battened and fattened on every Chanukah, for surely their lifeblood is invariably an ingredient in our latkes? Could oceans of applesauce or mountains of sour cream ever fully mask the salty tasteof the tears of our "onion-grating sisters?"
Of course, I was a little upset about the discussion of Purim (the festival of Esther) in which I'm described as a "male-identified scab." That's what you get for being a beautiful virgin bride - jeaulous feminists!

Anyway.. how can you not love Channukah - a festival devoted to oil! Last year, due to a disaster with ordering the ponchke (traditional Polish donuts), we hit upon a new tradition - Marion ran down to the Italian pasticceria on Smith St and they whipped up 20 fresh Italian donuts (I think they're called bombolini). So we got to wash down our latkes with ricotta donuts as well as the more traditional jam ones. Now if only I could find a place that made my Roman favourites - donuts filled with Nutella!

I'm still finalising the menu for my Russian/Polish vodka feast so all suggestions welcome.

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