Thursday, December 09, 2004

a polish russian feast

Oh, I gotta stop stealing these tacky internet images I know... but what's a girl to do?

So the birthday plan is this: I'm going to break out all the infused vodkas I've been making. The cherry one is going to be a winner I know. And there'll be a big long table spread with zakuski, the little appetisers that go so well with vodka. Being vegetarian I'll be skipping the most popular options - caviar and herring, but my love of pickles will overcome that. So far the spread looks like this:

* pickles (cucumber and maybe tomato)
* beetroot salad
* russian potato salad
* carrot salad
* blini - mini pancakes with dill and sour cream
* spicy georgian red beans
* walnut spread
* egg salad
* vegetarian chopped liver
* pickled mushrooms
* cucumber salad
* radishes and other crunchy vegies
* bulgarian fetta

There'll also be chlodnik courtesy of Marion, which is a wonderful cold yoghurty soup with cucumber and beetroot. I'm also considering a few more substantial dishes like cabbage rolls and pierogi, which I'm a bit nervous about - I'm terrible with pastry, but I gotta have dumplings yeah? I'll be doing a trial run this weekend. Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

hey esti

vegetarian chopped liver is the motherfuckin bomb yo!! i am so excited i keep having to check for drool. do you want me to bring anything?


la nadine said...

i had me a polish russian feast of my own tonight: a good hearty serving of mum's borscht.

good to know someone else out there exists in the realm of the russian polish hybrid.