Monday, May 09, 2005

baking again

Well I know I've been a little slack of lately - I've barely been cooking - both because of running around like crazy and because lately Texta's mum has been visiting and cooking all day every day. Now, I'm not about to complain about a constant variety of curries, chutneys and delicious spicy fried potatoes but I do feel a little ungrounded when I don't cook.

So Saturday morning I forced my way into the kitchen, grabbed a spare stove burner and a corner of the table and whipped up this cake from a fellow Australian blogger. It's a treacle, stout, pear and spice cake... oh yes! It's a dark, moist gingery cake and the pears are delicious. I've been looking for a good pear cake recipe for a while so I am very very happy. And as some of you would know from my chocolate guinness cake days, I love a good stout cake. Of course, the fact that it is incredibly easy to make was pretty nice too. I suspect it's one of those cakes that is virtually foolproof: it doesn't have any egg white whipping or tricky bits. So expect me to be bringing this to all sorts of events this autumn.

And maybe I'll post the chocolate guinness cake recipe soon as a comparison.


Niki said...

Hey, I'm really flattered you made this cake AND it turned out well/tasted good. I think that's the best endorsement for a recipe! Anyone can post an entry describing how wonderful something they created was, when it may not have been (I have been suspicious of several entries I've seen on blogs) but now you've made it, it really is confirmed that it's a great recipe! (I still have memories of one bloke eating 3 pieces of mine!)

esther said...

I agree - I always like to hear from someone else who's actually made the recipe to confirm it really works. In this case, I say credit where credit's due - it's a damn excellent cake and I'll be making it again.