Friday, June 30, 2006


Hey I thought my mission to learn how to make crepes was going to be an epic quest complete with training montages and crumpled up crepes being thrown into the wastepaper basket. Yes I know I'm mixing my genres but I'm in shock because I had my first go this morning and I am full of the glow of success. This is when mum's theory really pays off.

Crepes for beginners

3/4 cup plain flour
2 eggs, beaten
2/3 cup milk
2/3 cup water
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salk

Beat the eggs and whisk in the flour, milk and water. Add the other bits and whisk it all real well so there's no lumps or nothin. Leave it to stand for 20 minutes. Or if your breakfast buddy shows up looking hungry like mine, 10 will have to do.

This batter is so thin it scared me but it works. Really.

Heat a crepe pan (yeah right) or heavy frypan (ok!). Add a little butter. When it's hot pour in some batter and tilt the pan so it spreads real thin. Mine went all sorts of funny shapes, dunno how you get them round.

Now the trick is to not cook them too much at all. Keep the heat pretty low. We want a very light brown on the first side and then just a few spots of brown on the other. This way they are nice and soft not crunchy like from those lame "creperie" places that have sprung up all over town. Add more butter when they start to stick.

Ok eat them now. We had a choice of blueberries, cream, maple syrup and of course, marmalade. You don't need to be so excessive. This recipe makes 10 crepes. I think I should have invited someone else to help me and Bindy eat them. Now i think I have to go lie down and recover.


shannon said...

when you get home, wanna go kick the footy? that plan that never eventuated... i'm going to buy one this week.

ps - so the committe of melbourne comings and goings is like totally putting you on notice - no more long goings!

Anonymous said...

hey missy it's me nell

so, still food blogging huh? my mum will be happy. maybe she will make kimchi! our pantry here in the chilly yet idyllic north-east is fucking massive and full of shelves that are crying out for preserves and fermented things in big jars. i am almost tempted to enter the mysterious world of bottling.

i have come by to tell you that while i was in brisneyland (got back last night, yes it was lovely thank you) i made dumplings for my rockstar. just mega simple skip bogan dumplings: s.r. flour, butter, parsley and milk plus some li'l nuggets of fetta inside, chucked into a tomato-y vegie stew thing. they were very well received and now he is afraid that even if we get to hate each other he will be forced to stay with me for the sake of the dumplings. so all that time i spent learning to give stellar blow jobs i could have just been flicking through the cooking section of 'that's life' with the same boy-enslaving consequences. you live, you learn etc.

also. come to dinner for my birthday? maybe the new dumpling place? i think it's time to move on. love ya matie


esther said...

ok ok shannon, no more long goings. i promise! gee it sure is nice to be missed.

and as for you miss nell.. yes i reckon your pantry would be excellent for pickling etc... if, that is, it doesn't smell like dead mouse anymore?

i think your insights as to your mispent youth are extremely valuable.. perhaps you could do a community campaign so that others don't make the same mistake. i just wonder, couldn't they aim a bit higher than 'that's life' recipes?

re: dumplings. i am not ready to move on. but i will try.

xx esther

ps - i found a new vegie yum cha place...

Anonymous said...

shut up! where??? am coming to melbs next tuesday, let us adjourn to this magical wonderland of yum cha at your earliest convenience. will bring ute.

oh and pantry is now mouse-corpse-free; i'm not sure exactly how this happened because when mum was telling me about how she located and disposed of the bodies i put hands over ears and started yelling 'grossgrossgrossohmygodshutup'. sure does smell better now though.


esther said...

well i could tell you where...

but that would take all the fun out of it.