Wednesday, July 12, 2006

this dirty queerdo loves dolly

Ok, the sydney food wrap up comes soon… for now let’s just say I think I am fatter. And I think I like the sun.

For now, from the lovely interweb comes yet, another reason to love Dolly:

Throughout the show, the entire crowd was on its feet and the lawn was no longer a quilt, but a sea of people that stretched way into the distance. Some found refuge (and a great view) in the trees, prompting Dolly to say, "Are those monkeys or people up there?" A group of women towards the front waved a bed-sheet sign that read "Dirty Dirty Queerdos Love Dolly" to which she replied, "Well, I love you too."
From Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

This comes via gordonzola who went to a Joan Jett concert where the fans were holding a sign saying “Dirty Dirty Queerdos Love Joan Jett”. Sadly Joan didn’t respond as lovingly as Dolly. There's an argument in this somewhere I think...

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