Monday, September 18, 2006


Maybe you can't tell from this blurry picture, but the new pants are even better.

Also, we made pupusas on the weekend. Everyone enjoyed saying "papoose papoose" but no, it was not a new carrying thingy for the baby pickle but a delicious Salvadorean snack. I had seen some Central American women making these at a Permablitz and thoroughly enjoyed eating one. Ours were less perfect looking but still highly digestible with a filling of refried black beans and cheese tucked snug inside a thick UFO disc of white corn goodness. Mmm, pupusas will be making a return appearance me thinks.

Right now though with my usual childlike enjoyment of sounds and phrases I am just excited by Wikipedia's talk of pupuserias..

1 comment:

shannon said...

when did your blog become about pants?

why did you go home? now i'm bored. online yahtzee is starting to wear thin. who would have thought?