Sunday, September 10, 2006

then tworms will come and eat thee up..

You know back in June last year how I swore off decorating cakes? Well it was the first birthday party down at my new workplace (Flemington Community Gardens) yesterday and when I heard there was no cake planned I just couldn't resist. I wanted it to look like the gardens but then decided miniature chinese broccoli and chilli plants was a bit beyond me. Grass and worms would have to suffice.

I baked 4 cakes to make it big enough for 100 hungry gardeners and their offspring. Tal did most of the tricky bits on this, like the worms and the icing and all that jazz. I felt really smug that I remembered to buy latex gloves for dying the coconut - no green hands for me.

Need I say, the cake was a big success. The kids picked off the worms and half the fence before we cut it. Darn kids. Then about 2 minutes after I started cutting it there was nothing but a few shreds of coconut to be seen. I guess that's a success.

ps.. we made carrot halva to take to an obscure desserts party last night. damn that shit is good.


shannon said...

hmmm any suggestions for a cake to decorate for the birthday-person? despite the no-decorating position? i think it is a sure-fire way to endear yourself to one/many people.

see you at eyeballs my man-friend.

marion said...

looks excellent and yummy i bet they're extra glad they hired you now, xo m.

gaylourdes said...

oh, for the days when i was enthused about decorating cakes... enthused and verbose.

think i'll go eat worms.



esther said...

hmmm shannon.. i thought i messaged you about this cake issue? did i? ah dear. damn eyeballs were good.

gaylourdes my dear... i loved your verbosity. i'm sure it will return. and maybe i'll bake you a cake to celebrate. make sure you eat the sour worms. they're good.

the chocolate lady said...

Glad you're decorating cakes again!