Saturday, September 02, 2006


You know normally buying work clothes is just really annoying. Not with my new job out working in the gardens. Nope I love my new work wardrobe.

I pulled out my old steel cap work boots and I bought myself a big belt from the hardware store. You gotta be crack protected in my line of work.

Today I went to get some work pants. They didn't have Hard Yakka or King Gee, just that new brand by the man Bisley. The nice guy at the workwear shop in Brunswick told us that sadly the pants did not come with the ladies depicted on the posters. They were blonde, in tiny work shorts and unbuttoned shirts and wrapped around Mr Bisley.

The pants come in two types: "regular" or "stout". He said that stout wasn't just for fat men but I was sceptical. Also he told me the crotch would be too long because they were for men. But I don't mind. I just like that on the label it says "Test driven by men, not machines."

So now I'm off to drive my new pants.


Vanessa said...

Can you imagine a pants testing machine?!?!?!

shannon said...

you looked much better than that fellow in those pants.

eek. it feels weird to give you a compliment. i mean, like, you still suck and everything...

footy was so good in the sun.

love ya bro, in a manly kind of way. xx

hoodup said...

shit man, that dude looks like an idiot in those pants. if i'd seen that picture before i wouldn't have let you buy the pants! I'm just glad i got to see little you in them before i seared my eyeballs on that workwear nerd ugliness. Seriously, i thought working men were tough and cool, the kind that ladies wearing khaki hot pants couldn't wait to get their hands on. Also, I think that work pants and shirts should be the same colour. navy preferably. with your name embroidered on them. wah. my ideas about workwear have just been turned upside down by ugly nerd man!

esther said...

i wanna see the pants testing machine!

shannon - i will pretend i didn't see that compliment. i know it makes you feel uncomfortable.

and tal, i know...i don't know why why why they have that gross nerd guy on the website in my pants! i shouldn't have put that picture here. now i am filled with regret. i just saw the new yakka range "legends" and they are thick drill like real carhartts and with sooo many good pockets. i saw this hot tough labourer in them today... why did i fall for the nice brunswick man?

nell said...

yeah new yakka range is very of the moment up here in sticksville... curse the man bisley and his substandard pants and his poor taste in male models! you will just have to work super super hard so that your pants wear out and you need to buy new ones.

oh. actually... hold on just one cotton-pickin' minute there missy, what is this fancy new job which you so cryptically mention? am i a bad friend for not knowing? is this one of those things where you told me but i was busy having some sort of self-involved drama so i didn't listen?? feels bad etc. please advise.

ps is it totally unrealistic of me to ask whether we can have lunch on wednesday? i will be in town briefly on my way to brisbane.

esther said...

nell - yeah you're totally a bad friend!!! buy me presents to make up for it. buy me new pants... i need another pair (yakkas this time) because I just read in the work handbook that employee's clothes are meant to be clean at the start of the day.

seriously though, i can't remember if i told you about the job or not... i been so frazzled. i will though.. maybe in a letter?

lunch is no good. working. damn. breakfast?


nell said...

ooh yes i've always liked breakfast. does it have to be super early? coz i'm okay with that now that i have embraced the wholesome life. let's have breakfast. you can tell me about your new job and i'll tell you about my naughty chooks chasing the neighbours' cows. is dainty sichuan open for brekky do you think? never too early for a near-lethal dose of chilli, i always say. (actually i have never said that before.)

Graham said...

Breakfast - best meal of the day, only trouble is work comes after that.