Saturday, December 23, 2006


Here we have a tray of mini burgers.

And here we have the missus modelling a mini burger in her mini dress. I think that's her "oooh a mini-burger" face.

There was a lot of excitement about the burgers, much more than enough to make all the fiddly bits worth while. The rest of the food included mini butterfly cakes, mini fairybread (oh the cuteness!), mini lebanese pies from tabet's and mini sushi (possibly that was just small though).

For those who like details the burgers were made of homebaked mini-buns, patties (soybeans, rice, spices, mint, coriander), baby beetroot slices, fried onions, cherry tomato slices, lettuce, tomato kasundi. Yum!

For those who like other details there were amazing cocktails designed by the missus, cute baby action, drunken dancing and heaps of good quality peeps. The best thing that happened that night though, and possibly the best thing that's happened in my life so far was a surprise performance by Quel and Sammy of the final dance sequence from Dirty Dancing. Back-up from Maree and Claire. These ladies had been rehearsing so hard.. all the right moves. Never have I felt more honoured and well loved.

God birthdays are good.


random mini observer said...

oh, gee, i can't believe you missed out a comment on the delicious mini rice paper rolls. 'so professional' said one notable observer.

nice pics too.

hell said...

oh, happy belated birthday! those burgers are making me hungry...

& happy new year ester...

Anonymous said...

shut up random mini observer,

those rice paper rolls may have been small, but they certainly weren't mini.

esther said...

oh yes 'random' dan... the mini rice paper rolls were delicious! very professional indeed... though their mini-ness is slightly in question. we need a ratio to determine these things... 30%..

and thank you dell.

now watch out folks because i have a computer... things could get busy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday first of all.
The Mini burgers seem delicious.

Though Purim is some months to come being new to your blog will excuse my lag in times.
What do I possibly mean? I snooped in the archives a bit and saw that on your Purim post a few months ago you struggled with the etymology of Hamentaschen.
Well being such a good Israel-Jew I felt I must know the answer. So here's the answer to the best of my knowledge (with a little help from the Hebrew Wikipedia)

Hamentaschen was originally an old Ashkenaz Jew pastry called Mantaschen (not sure I'm correct about the Yidish to English transcript) meaning poppy pockets, the name explains itself. During the years the name changed to Hamentaschen, after the name of Haman the Evil from the Esther Script.
All of what you mentioned about it symbolizing eating parts of Haman's body, is from the Hebrew name of the pastry.
In Hebrew it's actually called "Ozni Haman" which is "Haman's ears". There are even some evidence in the Hebrew Scripts about Haman having pointed ears.
Eating Haman's Ears on Purim suppose to be a reminder of what happened to that evil man who tried to convince the king to kill all the Jews (he got hung in the end with all his sons).

Hope that helped,
Sorry for my lame English, it's not my native tongue as you can guess.


P.S. Did you eventually come to the queeruption in Tel-Aviv? Or ever visited Israel?
If not, you should try a visit sometimes. I can recommend the best of the Flaffel Stands if you like.
And I can assure two things: (1) We're not a war stricken zone as it might seem on the news. (2) The Flaffel here would taste better and will be cheaper from any Australian Flaffel. (A flaffel in Pita bread with vegetable salad, french fries and Humus spread will cost about 10 NIS = 3 AUD)

Stephanie J. Rosenbaum said...

Happy Mini Birthday! The burgers are SO cute--almost as cute as the missus! Hope all's well with you--would love to hear about your job sometime, as I'm about to start an organic farming apprenticeship in California. all the best from your pal in Brooklyn, Dixie the Piequeen

esther said...

hey thanks for the purim info Alon. I do love a good etymology discussion.. especially when it's food names.

and thanks piequeen for the birthday wishes... damn yes those burgers were cute. big food doesn't seem the same since... i'll try and write some bout the job.. and i hope you'll be giving farming updates, sounds like such a great way to spend some months.