Monday, January 15, 2007

the last of the mini

I forgot to mention the mini fairy bread. How could I have?

It's always amazing how good fluffy white bread can be with some butter and hundreds and thousands. Some might ask why we bother baking cakes at all when we could just do this? Oh and Joni and Tanya did such an amazing mini-job. So small! So neat!

Happy new year to all. A good sweet one I think. And maybe a blog-prolific one thanks to the arrival of this sweet little computer. We'll see.

ps - mini fairy cakes by tal. I swear I'm done with mini now.


Anonymous said...

yo esther. awesome mini fairy bread dude. i met a girl who is obsessed with fairy bread and shared with me her fantasy about making fairy bread bread, which is bread with the fairies already inside it so all you have to do is spread margarine. imagine the hours saved on tedious sprinkling!

anyway i rode my lil dragster to her house with a bag of flour and we duly made bread dough and rolled a beautiful rainbow swirl of hundreds and thousands into it and baked it, and guess what? it was disgusting. looked cool, but basically disgusting; white bread full of sugar, and the fairies lost their delicious crunchiness in the baking process. very disappointing.

and that is my story about fairy bread.

much love to you, i miss your boofy head


esther said...

wow that could've been the coolest story bout making a new friend and making a new fairy bread innovation genius wonder thing.. but yeah, no tongue action with the 100s and 1000s? hopefully this disappointment will not taint your burgeoning friendship with this said girl?

i miss you too lovely.