Tuesday, January 16, 2007

there's nothing dirty going on

I think when we gave this out the other night people thought it was some kinda serious socialist flyer. I'm not sure how that could be. Sex worker organizing maybe? But then what is Dolly? Maybe an acronym? It was odd because they gave it the "look at it quick and stick it right in your pocket" treatment.

So then I get to wondering, does our little flyer funny to anyone else? Do I spend too much time thinking about socialist alternative flyers?

ps - If you can't get to the screening get to a video shop. this truly is the campest musical delight I've seen. Oh Dolly, this dirty queerdo loves you.


shannon said...

i think the answer may well be that no one we know has a sense of humour. i mean, as a socialist, i could be offended, but instead i choose to chuckle along with you. and you know, maybe shoot you if you if you get in the way ome the revolution. (see, now am i making fun of myself or making fun of people who make fun of me? there are so many layers, i can't tell. does that make me really really funny?)

ps - the screening will be so ace.

dan said...

whilst i don't wish to draw any attention away from the importance of this momentus cultural event... i have an equally pressing matter.
i need to make dumpling wrappers... and not just any dumpling wrappers... but ones like they have at bodhi that are semi translucent... gyoza wrappers are fun an all... but i want a bit of a window into my little creations. i suspect the recipe would be heavy on wheat starch flour, with maybe a bit of tapioca or rice flour... pressing issues, and im not quite sure where to look for advice...

esther said...

shannon it cannot be that people we know have no gsoh can it? maybe they are scarred from too many leaflets being foisted upon them for too long. hmm..

and dan.. well yes i know the crystal dumpling wrapper you mean but are you actually full blown crazy? i think making your own dumpling wrappers is a recipe for hair pulling craziness but maybe that's just me.. but maybe try this or this.
And invite me the hell over.