Thursday, February 01, 2007

the fear of the snob

You know I worry sometimes about the problem of taste. Can you have too much?

Oh stop laughing. I'm not talking about my fluoro singlet. I'm talking about how I went to have gelato at 7 apples. I remembered it being good. Everyone always says it's good - but somehow I just couldn't enjoy it. It was sweet without having much of a pronounced flavour. The fruit flavours were too creamy... I dunno I just felt, well, unsatisfied.

And this happens to me often with ice cream and gelato. The other day that stupid melbourne magazine in The Age had a guide to the best "gelato". And they rated trampoline! Ridiculous. Most of their ice creams have some good bits sure, but they're just swirled through the ice cream. What good is a great flavour like the caramel sesame one if you only get a tiny bit of the sesame goodness in a big pile of vanilla boredom?

And the magazine didn't even rate Gelobar or Casa Del Gelato. Do they have no respect for their elders? I ranted away to the poor folk within earshot but then I stopped. What if I've become a food snob?!!!

Folks, what am I to do? I never used to drink good champagne cos I thought it would ruin my taste for cheap champagne at openings... but clearly then you're just missing out on the goodness. But while I can enjoy a truck stop toasted sandwich more than a fine dining meal, I just can't get into bad frozen treats. I always thought I was drawing the taste lines in all the right places but now I'm not so sure. What if it's just some kinda ego trip, the status symbol of having "superior" taste? Ok I'm drunkenly ranting with far too many exclamation marks but do ya feel me? Where does one draw the line between taste and just enjoying a treat when it comes along?


Tea-cosy said...

As much as I can't stand bad gelati, I can still enjoy those supermarket frozen yoghurts and those overpriced cinema choctops. So maybe it's not snobby, just knowing what you like.

Good gelati = Cibo
(and coming soon to Melbourne and Sydney I hear)

Anonymous said...

hi esti. i think you are too worried. your post had a squeaky tone.

here is what i think. some stuff, the fancy 'tasteful' version is better than the non-'tasteful' one. this includes stuff like eyeliner where a $20 revlon one is heaps easier to put on and stays in place ten times as well as a $2 shop one. other stuff, the fancy version is not actually any better except that it's fancy. stuff like hair bobbles; louis vuitton ones cost $300 but are exactly the same as ones that cost $1, except with a bullshit logo.

remember that time the gelo bar was making guava gelato and we had some and it was so good that we got really excited and i got a speech impediment from freezing my mouth? and then after that we were kind of obsessed with having it again? well does trampoline/7 apples make you feel like that? me neither. so what i am saying is that i think you should be guided only by the yumminess. do not fret about being a snob. the yumminess knows not of social status or brand loyalty. it is just yummy. follow it, and all your frozen treat moments will be happy ones.

oh by the way i am moving back to melbs. we should hang out.


esther said...

tea cosy - i know what you mean, i have different standards for supermarket treats. you take what you can get. but i'm pretty fussy bout choc tops too.

cibo? i think i read bout that.. isn't it a nestle chain?

and nellski - yes maybe i was squeaking. i am relived to think of following the yummy as my guide but really I AM JUST VERY EXCITED THAT YOU ARE MOVING BACK!!!! sorry for yelling. i hope this does not mean you are sad. i love you.

Tea-cosy said...

cibo was a local Adelaide restorante which expanded into a schmick ultra-trendy chain of cafes. It's a shame about the trendy soul-less thing cause they really do have the best coffee and gelati in Adelaide, although by melbourne standards probably not so. And no guava flavour! Jipped.

hell said...

oh gelobar is calling me... i am a snob too, but it doesn't stop me from dallying with the likes of trampoline on a hot afternoon in the city...

marion said...

i am so glad to read that about 7apples because i had the same experience the other day and i didn't even finish the ice cream, i had to throw it out and i thought something was wrong with my taste buds or appetite and was considering going to the doctor. but then i had doninis ice cream and phew! i'm okay, but the cook/chef/ice cream maker at 7apples is not.

esther said...

it would've been so funny to go to the doctor and say "dr, 7apples doesn't taste no good no more." hee hee hee.

and dell, i hear ya, it's still a treat to have ice cream. always. it just isn't dessert somehow.

kitchen hand said...

No, you're not a snob.

The Age has been running 'best ice cream' stories since the year dot. They just pull it out every now and then and change the names and the byline.

Donnini's new ice cream bar is good and Brunetti's city square.

dan said...

let's not forget our lebanese friends, who as well as making some damn fine flaky nutalicious pastries, can also do wonders in the frozen dessert department.
balhas on sydney rd does some damn fine flavours. the roasted almond is a dream, and the rose water is there for the turkish delight kick. yum... im not sure what bubblegum is doing in there... but we dont judge... much.