Tuesday, February 06, 2007

entrepid licking

Well folks do not think i take my job here lightly. Nope no resting on the laurels here. Not unless I can rest with ice cream in hand anyway.

This weekend was perfect icecream eating weather. Warm evenings are my favourite licking time - the best dessert, no worries about the sun causing everything to drip down your hand, time to stroll and pontificate unnecessarily.

So I did some fearless adventuring into the land of Albert Park to try Jock's Icecream, reputed to be one of Melbourne's finest. They have a wall full of certificates from the Melbourne Show which are very pretty and seemingly deserved - the ice cream was good and creamy. Solid ice cream not whipped up airy stuff but not a really heavy custard like Charmaines which I know some people find a bit too much.

Jock's mainly seems to get their reputation from their range of flavours - the night I was there they didn't have black rice pudding flavour. sigh. but they did have peanut butter and jelly which i would like to try. As it was I had date with lemon yoghurt. Both great great flavours and the lemon yoghurt had a really nice bite. Jessie had coconut lime with pineapple. The coconut lime was excellently tropical but somehow the pineapple tasted a bit like bubble gum.

did you know most gelati places in Melbourne use imported Italian gelati flavour essence?!!! I'm shocked.
I wonder if Gelobar does? When Sarah worked there she said the back room was full of fruit slowly ripening until it reached that almost rotten point where it was flavoursome enough to be turned into gelati. No wonder I love their fruity flavours so much. Sunday night the thought of Gelobar was enough to get me out of the house and down to Collingwood to return the work car and then get on my bike and ride home again via Gelati.

The queues outside speak for themself. or themselves. No guava this weekend but blackberry rocked my world next to the unbeatable dark cocoa goodness of the chocolate.

And there folks, endeth my endless ice cream obsessing.

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