Thursday, March 29, 2007

i'm not sure if this is really embarrassing

yeah i've been taking photos for months now. and had all these posts and recipes i've been meaning to write up. and it still ain't happened. so that's the short version and hopefully i'll be back with more soon.

tomorrow: the world's biggest nachos!
yes since tomatillo season i've fallen back in love with salsa making and melted cheese and good old black beans and guacamole and and.. when did i ever fall out of love? so for the missus's birthday it seemed an easy thing to whip up for a crowd. though there's the chocolate chilli ice cream to make too.

meanwhile, i've been getting inspired by the ever evolving food security/re-localisation movement. yay for community gardens and seed saving and no-gmo zones in india and farmers markets in remote colombia and the people's grocery in west oakland and the good old co-op market in collingwood. and to all the folks who came to last week's cities feeding people: grow it where you live conference and got me all excited again.

ps - pie queen, i used your hamentaschen recipe again only this time i forgot the eggs and it was even better. the apricot filling was as good as ever and i found a poppyseed recipe that was delicious.


Anita said...

hey Esther,

Sorry for posting this in your comments, but I can't find your contact info on the blog.

I found your copyrighted content today on a harvesting site, and I presume it's being used without your permission.

Here's a FoodBlogScool post I wrote detailing how to find it and do something about it:

shannon said...

come to sydney and cook for me!
it's what a good big brother would do........................
tonight we have a vegie bbq. well, there might be meat too. but it's not giant nachos.
i miss you!

Intrepidexpat said...

Hi Estie,
Love the video - how do you make it? My blog has been languishing, but I'm planning to revive it this weekend. Also I was looking for stuff on Antwerp and found this website, probably you already saw it:
luv Rowth