Tuesday, April 03, 2007

the guinness book nachos attempt

It's genetic you know. I saw it with my Mum last night at Pesakh and I did it myself for the missus' birthday. We worry about there not being enough food. We wear ourselves out cooking way too much food. We worry about who's going to eat it all. Sometimes we worry it didn't taste good and then we worry about the leftovers going to waste.

But it was fun. Very fun. We made:

  • roasted salsa verde (tomatillos)
  • raw salsa verde (ditto)
  • roasted garlicky tomato salsa (hot!)
  • pico de gallo (fresh tomatoes, radishes, coriander...)

last of the season mango salsa
(so good, I think it was the blanched red onion)

the biggest bowl of guacamole I've ever seen

stupidly large amounts of my best black beans

and everyone piled it onto ridiculous amounts of corn chips and melty cheese.
(queso fresco/mozarella/salamini)

Perfect food for a large bunch and it goes so well with margaritas!

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lauren said...

mmm tell how to make those black beans ester. tell!