Monday, August 13, 2007

What's a fella gotta do?

I was pretty excited about finally getting to Tom Phat. This cafe has had mixed reviews amongst the breakfasterati but for some reason I'd never made it down to check it out myself.

They do a kind of cafe/Thai/Viet thang with the usual eggs, corn fritters, muesli and then some kind of pan-Asian stuff - a breakfast that comes with a pork chop and rice, eggs with roti etc. The lunch and dinner menus look more Thai influenced with pad thai, curries and soups.

I deliberated a lot - of course it's my first time there and I want to try everything. I went for the Eggs Fried Viet-style which were listed as fried with soy and chilli. There was definitely a lot of soy and a lot of fried. Some good coriander action and some slices of a big chilli were visible. I enjoyed the crazy oily nature of it all.

The only sad bit was when I asked for some extra chilli and was told they only had sweet chilli. I hate sweet chilli but what made it worse was I could see jars of one of my favourite chillis (Crunchy Grandma brand) on the shelves! For display only, I was told! Oh, what do I have to do to get some chilli action in a place trading on its hip Asian credentials.

Well the coffee was Coffee Supreme which means organic, fair trade and good. I guess you don't get that at Huy Huy.


hoodup said...

cause that is traditional time of writing theses. John told me. It's kind of cultural knowledge, passed on in oral histories... and i bucked that weight of tradition. oh god of study hell please forgive me and let me pass nonetheless through the pearly gates called 'first class honours'. that is my prayer esther.
... but yes, the fruit was really really good and if i actually do get good marks for this thesis caper I could become insufferably cocky. you'll just have to consider it payment for all the good times in FNQ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mutemonkey said...

Sounds good! I've been wanting to go for a meal at Tom Phat, have only popped in there for afternoon tea so far.

That sucks about the chilli though. My favourite brand is the Capibu Jari Sambel Asli - it's as hot as hell but soooo good in a Soto Ayam! :)