Tuesday, November 20, 2007

not much less garden crazy....

With apologies for yet another non-cooking post I proudly present today's photos.

For all those who wondered what was happening with the corn I sowed.

Today as I was committing the illegal act of watering in my new seedlings I thought about what I would say in court should my neighbours decide to get all high moral ground on me. What I'll say about local food, about agribusiness wasting water, about feeding people in cities... Yeah, that's me - the big criminal. I just hope they don't get violent. Yes water is life, but hey - come give me a sniff and you know I ain't wasting it in the shower. The lawn don't get any either.

Also, I'm hoping for rain in my new tank:

240 litres is better thank nothing for us renters. And yes, that's just a big wheelie bin. I couldn't show you its face due to slightly less than legal procurement from a friend's now vacant warehouse.

In other garden news, these fellows are now being salted for pickles:

And this monster is making some seed for the next round:

Meanwhile I'm digesting the omelette that had these delicious swiss browns in it. From the shed mushroom farm no-less.

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Ali H said...

C'mon, mushrooms? That's gotta be several whole levels more crazy than me! Silverbeet & zucchini are child's play next to fungi, surely.

I am daydreaming of water-storage solutions constantly, but so far this is only daydreams because no handy containers have shown up on my scavenger-radar at all. My usually reliable local industrial waste only discards containers guaranteed to have recently contained toxic materials. Why isn't there some sort of rental-property rainwater tank rebate? Or central depot for tank-worthy containers? Or something?

Meanwhile, I flout water regulations with complete abandon- I am drought-aware but bureaucracy-flouting in my watering ways. Just waiting for someone to challenge me so I can respond with just how much water is wasted in commercial agriculture vs local production. I do hope it never comes to fisticuffs- I like to think that a gift of lush green or red silverbeet would be enough to fend off any overly aggressive water-policing.