Tuesday, November 20, 2007

gardening crazies

Ah yes, whatever you're into you can be sure there is a whole thriving world of internet crazies more obsessed than you can ever imagine being.

Ali got me started, with her quick descent into gardening obsession.

She has many links to others, including myfolia - apparently myspace for your plants!

And tal, I know you would like this.


joni said...

yes, ali's descent was speeeedy! it's good.

t0xic_honey said...

yay for all the gardening crazies... thanks for the link Esther... it's good to know what to make with the produce once it's proliferated as I dream it will... and this is where I will be looking for cooking! Virginia farmgrrl x

crankypants said...

holy moly, that lady sounds car-razy! please, can we just move somewhere warmer if i get that obsessed about mangosteens! which i nearly am by the way. somewhere warmer with less pollen. ah yes, that sounds good... xx