Thursday, November 01, 2007

vale yarra-melbourne libraries.

i haven't been reading the Melbourne Times lately so I don't know if anyone else is mourning or not. But I thought, having just faced my first "you can't request this item" page, I would note my sadness at the end of the most excellent amalgamation of libraries that was the Yarra-Melbourne library network.

I shall miss having access to all the cookbooks and gardening books and novels and comics I could want.

I shall miss requesting things from the City and picking them up on the way home from work at the Fitzroy branch.

I shall miss not having to pay for things.

farewell, yarra-melbourne. your life was too brief and your bureaucrats too nearsighted.

(ps. mum, i know that is you even when you leave anonymous comments and no, this isn't a cooking blog or a gardening blog... it's a, uhm, gardooking blog. or something.)

[pps. if I now have to join the yarra libraries separately, and i'm already addicted to st kilda library, then it's good i just found library elf to help me keep track of all my holds and due dates. could be my new favourite friend. works internationally.]

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