Friday, November 09, 2007

who knew I had a movie?

And can anyone explain why it's playing at Northland Hoyts at the moment?

In itself, it's a riveting story. Unfortunately, director Michael Sajbel has envisioned an overwrought Lifetime movie of the week, complete with an Esther who could be a cast member of Laguna Beach and a king notable only for his washboard abs.


charlene said...

hey esther...v and i have been reading your blog for sometime, have started our own farm blog and think that you would make an excellent addition to our links to shared knowledge about all things garden...

check it out at

c & v xx

Anonymous said...

So what's the movie called Ms Mysterious, and who plays Esther, and how can you tell it's me when I'm anonymous?

esther said...

hi charlene,
thanks heaps ... i have had a sneak at your backyard - so exciting to have so much room to play with! Thanks for the linkage.. will try to return the favour when I can deal with looking at my blog layout again! argh, gotta fix that green.
happy spring xx

and YOU mama, anonymous, only you could comment so obstreperously, that's how I know. Just click on the green text to see the movie. ok ya schmuck?

kabonfootprint said...

me too! Busby SEO challenge